National Climate Change Strategy to Fight Climate Actions

The Residential Sector Committee authored this op-ed on behalf of ClimateActionWR with support from the Workplaces (ICI) and Transportation Sector Committees. The published story can be found on The Record here.

Canada's First MinistersThe country's first ministers are meeting in Vancouver to establish a national climate change strategy which will be effective on a provincial and national level.

With consideration to COP21 and the United Nations Environment Program, the reoccurring theme of reducing emissions remains a top priority internationally.

The opinion story takes a look at Waterloo Region's commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6% of 2010 levels by 2020 as encouraged by ClimateAction WR.  The community's quality of life is improved through the support of organisations and the promotion of services such as Community CarShare, allowing to reduce the emissions contributed by transportation.