Sustain-A-City 2016

On March 20, high school students with the collaborative efforts of university students met to design a prototype of a sustainable city with respect to the five actions. Students were put into designated groups which represented the five actions. The groups tackled the environmental challenges in workplaces, energy systems, waste management, transportation, housing, consumer habits and agriculture and food!

ModelThe model was carefully articulated with features such as alternative energy sources like wind power, paid parking to incentivize public transportation, community gardens and much more!

One of the challenges faced by agriculture and farming is that food often travels thousands of kilometers before reaching local grocery stores, therefore contributing to our community's carbon footprint. Students suggested a solution to this would be to support local farming which would reduce carbon DSC_9102 emissions associated with the transportation of our food. Students urged for incentives for local farming and purchasing local products. They also focused on the need to raise awareness about the heavy use of chemicals and fertilizers in agriculture which has a heavy impact on the environment.

Berry Vrbanovic (center) holds an action card with the participants of the Sustain-A-City workshop alongside the model city created by the students.


The workshop was thrilled by a surprise visit from Kitchener mayor, Berry Vrbanovic who stopped by to encourage the students in their involvement and initiative in creating an environmentally sustainable city.

Climate Yoga with David
ClimateActionWR's very own David Alton engages participants in Climate Yoga.
Solar Panel Yoga
Volunteers channel their Solar Panel yoga pose.









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