Evening of Recognition 2016

Last Thursday, Sustainable Waterloo Region hosted its annual Evening of Recognition, an event congratulating partnering organizations and individuals who are striving to reduce their carbon emissions while increasing awareness about environmental sustainability. The theme of the evening was the Past, the Present and the Future - aiming to highlight progress thus far and the steps being taken for a greener future!Evening of Recognition

With over 300 guests registered, it was a full house! The evening was a success, thanks to community members coming together to recognize the green efforts of our partners.

Awards were made from repurposed material keeping with the theme of sustainability and minimizing waste (waste contributes to 1% of our Region's carbon emissions!)

Awards of the Evening

RCI Rookie of the Year - The David Johnston Research + Technology Park 

RCI Leaderboard Winner and Carbon Cleanse Challenge - AET Group

Greatest GHG Reduction (24.4%!) - MMM Group Limited

Most Active Member of TravelWise - City of Cambridge

Leadership and Innovation Award with TravelWise - Wilfrid Laurier University Sustainability 

Greatest Increase in Sustainable Commuting - Crawford Canada

Partner of the Year - Cora Group

Environmental Awareness  - Wilfrid Laurier University Sustainability 

Champion of the Year - Anna Marie Cipriani

Budds' BMW showcased their BMW i8 which attracted a lot of attention from the event goers. Not only a sporty ride but the i8 leads future cars with its low consumption, high performance and low emissions -  the future of EVs is here!

BMW i8
BMW i8

ClimateActionWR discussed the Climate Action Plan amongst attendees to raise awareness alongside Sustain-A-City and their prototype.

ClimateActionWR's Dan Shaver and David Alton
ClimateActionWR's Dan Shaver and David Alton






In the words of Waterloo Regional Chair, Ken Seiling from his speech of the evening,

The future is brave.

There has been immense development in our community as recognized by Sustainable Waterloo Region last week. This would not be possible without the cooperation from partners and the help of volunteers. The collaboration of hundreds of community members has allowed to make a positive impact on the environment - an initiative that is only expected to grow in the future.

Don't forget to check out A Sustainable Vision, Sustainable Waterloo's 2015 annual report here!