what is ClimateActionWR?

ClimateActionWR: Reducing Emissions. Enriching Lives (November 2014 video)

ClimateActionWR is a collaboration between local organizations and community members focused on climate change mitigation, and is led by REEP Green Solutions and Sustainable Waterloo Region. It coordinates the activities of the Climate Action Plan,establishing cross-sector dialogue, facilitating collaborative opportunities, and monitoring and measuring progress towards achieving our community’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction target of 6% below 2010 levels by 2020.

Who's involved

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Staff and volunteers

Our team is a mix of passionate staff, interns, and volunteers with a range of interests and expertise. Our work wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for them!

A shot of the ClimateActionWR team


Sector Committees

If you want to contact this committee with an idea or for more information, please email

Tabot Eneme

A circle of Transportation Committee Vice-Chair Tbot
Tabot has a Bachelor and a Master degree in Civil Engineering from Carleton University. Among many of his achievements at the Region of Waterloo, he is currently working updating the Transportation Master Plan. He is also experienced working on a variety of transportation projects, carrying out traffic impact studies, developing travel demand forecasts, performing traffic operations and analysis, and carrying out corridor planning studies. He is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO) and also a member of the Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers.

Heather Bigelow

A circle of Transportation Committee member Heather
Heather is the Operations Manager for Community CarShare. A strong supporter of all modes of transportation, you can find her behind the wheel of a shared car, hanging from the strap of a local bus or strolling down a neighbourhood street.

Mat Thijssen

A circle of transportation committee member Mat
Mat is the Sustainability Coordinator at the University of Waterloo, where he supports initiatives and strategies to improve environmental indicators. He previously worked at Sustainable Waterloo Region, where he managed the TravelWise program to support sustainable commuting at workplaces in Waterloo Region. He lives with his wife and daughter in Kitchener

Paulina Rodriguez

Paulina-Rodriguez-PhotoPaulina is a city planner and works as the program coordinator of Community Access Bikeshare at The Working Centre. She is community-oriented and passionate about improving quality of life in our cities. In her current role she advocates for cycling culture by making bicycles accessible and affordable through bikesharing. She also belongs to the Kitchener Cycling and Trails Advisory Committee, where she hopes to continue advocating for better cycling infrastructure in Kitchener. Paulina enjoys being involved in the community and is looking forward to contribute to the Climate Action Plan in Waterloo Region.

Leslie Maxwell

leslie_maxwellLeslie is a School Travel Planner working to reduce school traffic and to increase student active transportation. Leslie's position is supported by Waterloo Regional District School Board, Waterloo Catholic District School Board, the City of Kitchener, the City of Waterloo, and the City of Cambridge; and it intensifies the informal work initiated over a decade ago by a number of regional partners. In the past, Leslie worked with Green Communities Canada to see School Travel Planning delivered in every province and territory across Canada.

Transportation Committee Members

If you want to contact this committee with an idea or for more information, please email

Jen McLaughlin - Chair

A Circle of ICI committee chair Jen
Jen is an environmentalist with a focus on reducing dependency on fossil fuels, chemical management and waste reduction. She is the Global Environment Manager at BlackBerry and has over 15 years’ experience developing and managing programs that reduce emissions to air and land, minimize waste, reduce energy consumption and increase efficiencies. She is actively engaged in the Electric Vehicle community, is a sustainable living blogger, contributor to several environmental publications and is also the Co-Chair of Travelwise.

Scott Morton Ninomiya - Vice-Chair

Scott has a strong interest in sustainability issues, particularly renewable energy and sustainable food in Waterloo Region, where he lives with his partner and three children. He has worked in a wide range of leadership positions in government and community organizations and is currently pursuing a degree in Sustainability Management at University of Waterloo.

Joan Ang

A circle of ICI Committee member Joan
Designer, artist, systems design engineer and knowledge integrator, Joan uses her career to explore the intersection between art, technology, design and community. Her specific interests include sustainable buildings, user experience, creative writing and exhibit design.

Claire Bennet

A circle of ICI Committee member Claire
Claire is the Manager of the Sustainability Office at Wilfrid Laurier University, responsible for strategic planning and project management, capital planning, education, and community partnerships. Claire is a past CAWR committee member and has sat on several Regional sustainability committees where she brings academic and professional experience in action planning and implementing a triple bottom-line approach into communities and management systems.

Klas Bockasten

A circle of ICI committee member Klas
Klas is a consulting engineer with over 30 years in the energy efficiency business and has lived with his wife Lucinda downtown Kitchener for the past 20 years. He has a passion for sustainable development and executing energy projects to address climate change.

John Finch

A circle of ICI Committee member John
John Finch is Manager of Conservation and Demand Management and Communications at Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc. John started his career with ATS Automation in renewable energy manufacturing and later moved into the energy conservation business at Union Gas where he was responsible for a portfolio of commercial programs. John currently delivers energy saving programs across the commercial, industrial and residential sectors in Kitchener and the Township of Wilmot.

Patrick Kelly

A circle of ICI committee member Patrick
Patrick is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) with over 10 years of experience in the public sector. In his current role, he is responsible for financial analysis, reporting, budgeting and long-term financial planning. Living in Woolwich and working in Wilmot, his analytical skills, collaborative approach and passion for sustainability bring a strong voice for the interests of the Townships to this initiative.

Shane Mulligan

a circle of ICI committee member Shane
Shane Mulligan, PhD, has been a community renewable energy consultant since 2010, after spending a decade researching and teaching on global environmental and energy issues. He sits on the Board of a number of renewable energy companies, and is also General Manager of LIFE Co-operative, a Kitchener-based renewable energy co-op, with which he has worked to develop wind and solar projects under Ontario’s Feed-in Tariff program.

Jeff Quint

Jeff Quint is the Manager of Energy Efficiency and Corporate Communications for Waterloo North Hydro where he leads Waterloo North Hydro's portfolio of energy efficiency programs and corporate communications. His business and engineering background and experience enable Jeff to bring a practical balance that incorporates business goals with sustainable objectives.

Lynda Stewart

A circle of ICI committee member Lynda
Lynda is the Manager of Projects and Energy Management at the City of Kitchener, responsible for capital planning and asset management for a wide range of municipal facilities. A graduate of the University of Waterloo with a degree in Environmental Studies, Lynda has been a resident of Kitchener for the past 25 years.

Allan Taylor

A circle of ICI committee member Allan
Allan is the Program Development Manager at Sustainable Waterloo Region, responsible for new program development. Currently he is leading the development of a Centre for Sustainability Excellence in Waterloo Region and ChargeWR

Workplaces (ICI) Committee Members

If you want to contact this committee with an idea or for more information, please email

Jolene McLaughlin - Chair

A circle of Homes committee chair Jolene
Working as a Project Specialist for the 6 years at MMM Group/Enermodal Engineering, Jolene has been supporting the implementation of sustainable initiatives, including LEED certification for new and exiting buildings. She looks forward to bringing this experience back into the Region of Waterloo and support the goals of Climate Action Waterloo Region, particular for the Residential Sector.

Zainab Moghal - Vice-Chair

a circle of homes Vice-Chair Zainab

Zainab Moghal, PhD, MCIP, is a Professional Planner with 15 years of experience working across Canada and internationally in climate change impact and vulnerability assessment, adaptation (resilience) and environmental planning, and stakeholder engagement. Zainab is currently a Sr. Adaptation Planner with Stantec Consulting and brings to the Residential Sector Committee a connection to her historic neighbourhood association and appointment with the ‘Waterloo Citizen’s Environment Advisory Committee’ (WCEAC).

Dave Blake

A circle of Homes Committee Member Dave
Dave Blake is the Business Development Manager and Manager of Energy Programs at REEP Green Solutions. Dave also serves on the board of directors of Green Communities Canada. Dave currently resides in Wilmot Township, and is committed to leading Waterloo Region to make sustainability the norm.

Anna-Marie Cipriani

A circle of Homes Committee member Anna-Marie
As Sustainability Coordinator and professional planner with the City of Waterloo with 17 years experience - Anna Marie looks forward to continuing to support the implementation of the Community Action Plan.

Scott Cooper

A circle of Scott
Scott is a principal at a local solar-focused contracting business, Merlyn Power, and has 8 years of prior experience as an advisor with REEP during the Energuide and Ecoenergy programs. His career has been dedicated to reducing residential energy use and he is excited to join the CAWR committee to help aim Waterloo Region towards a more sustainable future.

John Kokko

A circle of homes committee member John
John is a Professional Engineer who has been at the forefront of energy efficiency and alternative energy in residential and commercial buildings for 35 years. He brings solid, practical experience to help the climate action initiative meet or exceed its GHG reduction goals.

Ian Rowlands

A circle of Homes Committee member Ian
Ian Rowlands is a Professor in the Department of Environment and Resource Studies at the University of Waterloo; he is also the Faculty of Environment’s Associate Dean, Strategic Initiatives. Ian has teaching and research interests in energy governance and policy, international environmental issues and corporate sustainability.

Homes (Residential) Committee Members

Management Committee

This governing body keeps an eye on the big picture. They set the strategic direction and plan priorities, manage resources, and keep us on track.

ANNA MARIE CIPRIANI - Sustainability Coordinator, City of Waterloo

TOVA DAVIDSON - Executive Director, Sustainable Waterloo Region

MARY JANE PATTERSON - Executive Director, REEP Green Solutions

DAVID ROEWADE - Sustainability Planner, Region of Waterloo

BRANDON SLOAN - Manager, Long Range & Policy, City of Kitchener

PAUL WILLMS - Sustainability Planner, City of Cambridge